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Caribbean Travel Forum

Need information about the Caribbean travel fast? Want firsthand knowledge about the places to visit and places to stay? What about fun things to do while in the Caribbean? Safety tips? Weather tips? Diving tips?

If you find yourself asking these questions as you plan your next Caribbean trip, then check the list of Caribbean travel forums we offer you below. When it comes to valuable information from travelers like you, nothing beats Caribbean travel forums.

Caribbean-On-Line’s Caribbean travel forum has been revamped, giving it a new look and easy to navigate. Now, you can view discussions about almost all fifty of the Caribbean islands, with topics ranging from boat rentals to phone calls, how to get to places, and festivals.

Caribbean-on-Line is a corporation, not associated with any government, island, or tourism board. The focus is on the traveler, so whatever question you may have about the Caribbean island you wish to visit, this is Caribbean travel forum to check out.

Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums

Fodor’s contains several travel talk forums of several different tourist destinations. Select Caribbean and ask your questions about the islands. Below are some recent hot topics posted up in the Caribbean travel forum:

• Nice San Juan hotel under $200?
• Favorite island…and why?
• Snow on Ground, thoughts turn to Sun… What is the BEST beachfront bar in the Caribbean?
• Villa provisioning
• HELP! Urgent need to find perfect vacation!
• June-July Jamaica Silver Sands and Mandeville
• Caribbean trip help
• Secrets Excell: Punta Cana Report
• Do I really need a 4WD on St. John?
• St. Martin Restaurants
• Looking for a resort with the MOST amazing swimming pool

And if that doesn’t give you some idea on your Caribbean vacation, then I don’t know what will.

“Give and receive up to the minute travel advice regarding the Caribbean.” That is what this Caribbean travel forum and bulletin board lets you do. For the benefit of the travelers, not for sales people, this Caribbean travel forum will you plan out your Caribbean holidays and vacations.

Here are the stuff you can find here:

• Help
• Guidance
• Recommendations
• Advice about hotels, etc.
• Questions, replies, and bulletins
• Restaurants
• Sports
• Tours
• Health
• Safety
• Travel within any of the islands
• And basically anything that will help

At, you get not only a tremendous amount of information about the places you want to visit but a Caribbean travel forum to aid if you any other questions you don’t have the answer to.

For flight questions, you can ask about dates, flexibility, choice of departure airports, destinations, and a whole lot more. For accommodation, ask about the number of people allowed, board type, rating, and flexibility. And lastly, for any other details, you can ask the advice of this Caribbean travel forum’s unofficial trip advisor:

• What to do
• Places to go
• Guides on the area
• Map, if possible
• Weather
• Currency rates
• Tours


All-Inclusive Travel Caribbean

If you want the best all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort, then you ought to look for more than just room with sun, sea, and sand. Hey, it’s not called all-inclusive for nothing you know.

You want your all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort to have, if not everything, then at least, something really close. A buzz on the beach by day, a dining room open to the night air, water sports and other activities to go crazy on, a lounge deck within earshot of the waves for a relaxing afternoon, and a comfortable to retreat to – all that is available if you choose your all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort well.

More and more people are pampering themselves at all-inclusive travel Caribbean resorts where everything they could ever want is right at their disposal. What’s more, lots of these all-inclusives – about 79% - of them are beachfront properties or sitting near lakes and other bodies of water where the views are spectacular. Whatever the price category, the best place to wind down is an all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort. You’re on vacation. You should let someone else take the strain, for once.

Below are our top choices when it comes to all-inclusive travel Caribbean resorts:

Breezes Bahamas

Located on the eastern end of Cable Beach, Breezes Bahamas is the epitome of warm breezes wafting across an azure sea. This all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort was previously the venerable old Ambassador Beach Hotel. In 1995, the world-famous SuperClubs took over management and the resort underwent major renovations.

Breezes all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort is truly all-inclusive. At Breezes, almost everything you could ever want is included. Room accommodations, all meals, all snacks, unlimited wine or beer with lunch and dinner, as well as alcoholic drinks, mixed with premium brand liquors at each of the four bars, the list just goes on and on. Not only that, but this all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort also includes most of the water and land sports activities, as well as airport transfers, taxes, and gratuities – all in one upfront price.

Club Med Turkoise

An island all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort, Club Med Turkoise is located directly on the white sand beach of a desert island called Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, Caribbean. Although the land is arid and flat, unlike what you may expect of a tropical island, Turks and Caicos do draw the card with its breathtaking beauty and the astounding view of the beach and sea surrounding it.

With miles of white sand and translucent turquoise water, Club Med Turkoise all-inclusive travel Caribbean is the ideal for sports lovers and scuba divers. There are a total of 298 rooms, all beautifully appointed with comfortable accommodations, 3 meals a day, including unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch and dinner, most sports, and nightly entertainment.

Le Sport

“Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.” That’s the line Le Sport at St. Lucia uses on their clients. And indeed, this all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort does just that. With its quirky outlook on how an all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort should be, Le Sport has been helping the weary business traveler relax, suing a combination of holiday treats and intense pleasure of personalized rejuvenation.


Caribbean Travel Deal

Mention the Caribbean and everyone will immediately think of an array of beaches, tropical breezes, and starry evenings under clear skies. While all that is true, they all cost you, too. So how can you make the most out of your Caribbean vacation? Simple, by searching around for great Caribbean travel deals.

These days, looking for great travel deals to virtually any destination is made all easy for the smart traveler. All you really need is a computer and an Internet connection and presto – you find yourself the perfect Caribbean travel deal. But to make things even more convenient, we’ve done all the searching, so now all you have to do is scroll through our list of great Caribbean travel deals for the one that fits your travel plan and budget.

Single Parents Haven

Are you a single parent busy juggling work, soccer practice, dance recitals and dinners? If you answered yes, then you ought to know that is the best time to go have a little fun with the Caribbean travel deal offered at Beaches Resorts. To Celebrate Single Parents Month, Beaches Resorts, through American Airlines Vacations, offers single parents and their children the opportunity to enjoy the special promotions and Caribbean travel deals at one of four all-inclusive Caribbean Beaches Resorts.

This Caribbean travel deal includes:

• Single supplement waived for single parents traveling with children
• Welcome cocktail party just for single parents and their children
• Movie night on Thursdays exclusively for children with single parents
• A second cocktail function for single parents only

After-“tax time” Relaxation

Guests staying at Biras Creek Resort in Virgin Gorda can write off their worries as well as their deductions at the end of this tax season. How so? Well, you see, in honor of the season’s close, the Biras Creek Resort is offering an extremely rare Caribbean travel deal by way of a special “tax relief” promotion. Now, here’s one tax return you can surely smile about.

This “tax relief” Caribbean travel deal consists of the following:

• Oceanview suite
• Bottle of wine with dinner
• Yoga sessions for two
• Swedish massage for two each night

And all this at a clever cost of $1040. And if you decide to stay for four nights or more, this Caribbean travel deal may even include a free sunset sail aboard the resort’s yacht, plus complimentary airport transfers.

Cayman Brac Special

Ideally suited for families, Divi Tiara Beach Resort in Cayman Brac sweetens its already sweet family Caribbean travel deals by offering a special family package for their Family Week. So make your family vacation easy, fun, and affordable this summer by getting one of Divi Tiara Beach Resort’s Family Week Packages for seven nights beginning at $399 per adult. If you got kids 12 years and under, they get to stay and eat for free!

This Caribbean travel deal includes:

• Accommodations
• Breakfast daily
• Round-trip airport transfers
• Daily two-tank dives
• Kids Stay and Eat Free special


Friday, March 6, 2009

Caribbean Vacation Travel Cruise

A Caribbean travel vacation cruise has much to offer to sophisticated travelers who recognize the great value in traveling to the islands. If you want a vacation that is rich with culture galore, quaint architecture, seas to explore, fantastic swimming and snorkeling, then the Caribbean has it and more.

Here, you will find some great Caribbean vacation travel cruise offers that are guaranteed to give you the best value in cruise traveling.

A Seven-Night Dream

Dreams become reality when you find yourself floating through warm, welcoming waters of the Caribbean on one of several Caribbean vacation travel cruise ships. Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf of a picture-perfect island during brief land excursions in any one of your ports of call and spend the day indulging in duty-free shopping, diving in clear blue waters, or exploring Mayan ruins.

Mariner of The Sea Cruise

With the coming of the cold months, the Royal Caribbean, one of the leading cruise lines on the islands, is offering many fantastic Caribbean vacation travel cruise offers to its visitors who opt to book early. One of these is the seven-night dream Caribbean vacation travel beginning at $549 per person, the cruise and featuring fabulous inside cabins where you can get excellent views of the dazzling ocean.

The Mariner of the Seas, which departs from Port Canaveral, Florida and takes you to four different ports of call where you can go on brief land excursions - Labadee, Hispaniola; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico – before you cruise back to Port Canaveral in Florida.

The Voyager of the Seas lets you start your Caribbean vacation travel cruise fun in Miami, Florida, and making brief stops in Hispaniola, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. The ship offers you four kinds of room accommodations, ranging from $549 to $2,049.00.

The Voyager of The Sea

In 1999, when Voyager of the Seas entered service as the largest cruise ship in the world, it was heralded also as the most revolutionary ship ever built, forever changing the world of cruising with such never-before-seen features as an ice skating rink/TV studio/concert arena, rock-climbing wall, in-line skating track, horizontal atrium, and inside cabins with promenade view. The rock-climbing walls are now aboard every Royal Caribbean ship and the ice skating rink and other features can also be enjoyed on the line's other four Voyager-class ships, but Voyager of the Seas is still mind boggling, memorable and exciting -- isn't that what they say about the first of anything?

Other midsize ships mean a more spacious and comfortable Caribbean vacation travel cruise, with all the service and amenities you’d expect, but no waiting in long lines for meals or port of calls.

Three-Night Enchancement or Four-Night Excitement

Few places on earth are more conducive to relaxation than the islands of the Caribbean. Perhaps, it’s the light, tropical breezes that gently soothe the soul. Or the warm waters and warm receptions tat await you on every shore. One thing is certain: aboard a Celebrity Caribbean vacation travel cruise, a Caribbean vacation offers something for everyone.

But if you want your Caribbean vacation travel cruise to be brief but enchanting, the Caribbean vacation travel cruise offers several short cruises for your pleasure. You’ll find short Caribbean vacation travel cruises, just three nights long, out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for as little as $289 per person.

Or consider a bit longer, western Caribbean vacation travel cruise, four nights starting at $349, on the Enchantment of the Seas. Take a four-night Western Caribbean vacation travel cruise aboard the Century for only $330, starting from Miami, Florida. The cruise provides you with all the amenities you could ever wish from, from shipboard accommodations to ocean transportation, meals, beverages, and entertainment aboard the vessel.

More info about Caribbean Vacation Travel Cruise - discount up to 75 % off

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Caribbean Island Travel

Some call it “paradise.” Others call it “heaven on earth.” Well, one thing is for sure, a Caribbean island travel is exactly what you need if you’re looking for beaches, boats, banks, bikinis, and other tropical vacation essentials.

Located right at the tip of South America and surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the Caribbean is not just the No. 1 playground for the Americas, but also comprises movie-set beauty, coconut tree-clad mountains, verdant valleys of sugarcane and bananas, and seashore galore. Even the cities here glow with glorious architecture and the towns dotting the region have been established long before the automobile.

The islands are awash with island-flavored culture with just the subtlest hint of European influence, and world-class hotels, resorts, restaurants, activities, attractions, and shopping. There are over fifty island destinations to choose for your Caribbean island travel and each has its own extensive catalogue of accommodations and activities for the Caribbean’s famous exotic warm weather.

Below are our top picks for an awesome Caribbean island travel:

New Providence, the Bahamas

Bahamas Island

Most visitors erroneously call it “Nassau” because the island is the site of the nation’s capital, which was named after the Dutch Prince of Orange-Nassau in 1695 after he took over the British throne. In truth, the island is New Providence where about two-thirds of the Bahamian population lives, and where millions of dollars are invested in Nassau, Cable Beach, and Paradise Island. In recent years, New Providence has created a name for itself as one of the top places to visit when on a Caribbean island travel.

Atlantis Resort-Nassau, Bahamas

Considered an offshore financial center, New Providence is most obviously a fabulous shopping bazaar and Caribbean island travel destination. Stroll along the world-famous Bay Street and side streets and bask in the Caribbean carnival atmosphere. Or visit one of the out islands of the Bahamas – the famous Nassau and Paradise Island, connected with each other by a bridge.

Sunset From The Cruise Bahamas

But while the Bahamas has plenty to offer, what it is really most famous for is its island groove. The drumbeat is the essence and the soul of Bahamian culture with the instrument setting the heartbeat for all Bahamian music, including rake ‘n scrape, Junkanoo and goombay.


Bermuda Beach

An isolated paradise, Bermuda sits right in the middle of the great chasm – the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe. Couple that with a history of English settlement and you have an island that is as unique as its topography. This Caribbean island travel destination is spotlessly clean, quaint, orderly, and extraordinarily pretty. Think pink and green. Pink for the pastel shades that wash this 21-square mile island. And green for the color of money that Bermuda’s offshore banking and insurance sectors generate. Plus, it is only a convenient 2 ½ hour flight from most major cities on the US East Coast.


There are no slums, no billboards, and very, very few fast food outlets. Inconvenient? Not likely. Because all this is minor compared to the glorious sight this Caribbean island travel destination offers. From the colonial architecture of the tidy homes that line its roads to the fragrant tropical flowers – Bermuda is all beauty and grace.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caribbean Travel Magazine

The Caribbean. Ask anyone and you’ll find that the word is nearly synonymous with fun and relaxation. That’s pretty obvious. When you want to travel, those are the only things you want to experience. And what better way to have the ultimate experience on fun and relaxation than to know more about the place you’re visiting? This is where Caribbean travel magazines come in.

From the mundane to the spectacular, from the humdrum to out-of-this-world spectacles – these are what Caribbean travel magazines have in store for you. For all the necessary information and minor details about how life is like in the Caribbean and some travel tips and vacation ideas, pick one of these babies from any newsstand and magazine store at the airport and learn about your ultimate vacation destination.

Below is a list of our top picks of Caribbean travel magazines. Take time to browse through these Caribbean travel magazines and when you’re done, see if you can’t be as knowledgeable about the famous islands as any local tour guide.

Porthole Cruise Magazine

Porthole Magazine

If your Caribbean travel is all about cruisin’ and cruises, then the Porthole Cruise Magazine might just serve as your ultimate resource guide. Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a veteran sailor of the high seas, you will certainly want a copy of this Caribbean travel magazine for tips on who, what, when, where, and how to go on a dream Caribbean cruise.

Entice your senses. Trigger the explorer in you. Let the pages of this magazine answer all your cruising questions. The Porthole Cruise Magazine comes out twice a month, setting a non-stop course to become the cruise vacation source.

Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine

Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine

For the beach bum at heart, the Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine presents the perfect opportunity on how to bum it all out in the islands. This Caribbean travel magazine offers hotel and resort reservations, travel specials, free travel info, marketplace (rental property listing and classified ads), and contests – everything you could ever want.

Simply visit this Caribbean travel magazine’s site at and fill up the form provided to get a free complimentary issue of Caribbean Travel & Life. Every issue of this Caribbean travel magazine is devoted to exploring the Caribbean islands, one of the most fascinating regions on the planet.

Caribbean World

As the first Award Winning quarterly Lifestyle & Caribbean Travel Magazine in the World, the Caribbean World features its best section yet, called the Island Focus where the ingenious writers of magazine focus on one out of many enchanting islands in the Caribbean and tell you all about its nitty little details from local legends to fabulous attractions. Other sections of this Caribbean travel magazine are hot gossip, fashion, food, sports, and weddings.

The Caribbean travel magazine also gives you a list of monthly events and happenings all over the island, complete with date and some tips on how to best enjoy yourself on such a day. Indeed, the Caribbean World offers so much that even John Jefferies, Chairman of the Coco Reef Resorts in Tobago said that the success of the magazine over the last ten years “is due to a rare combination of great journalism, mauvais langue, cutting-edge features, and a rare style that pleasurably informs the readers.”

Caribbean Beat Magazine

Caribbean Beat Magazine

Seeks to transcend the familiar stereotypes of the Caribbean to show how rich Caribbean life really is--music, art, dance, books, sport, fashion, design, festivals, history, environment, people, lifestyle.

Caribbean Travel Agent

For the best professional advice on Caribbean travel, you need professionals to do the job for you. Caribbean travel agents are exactly the kind of people you are looking for. They know everything that matters when you travel to the Caribbean, from hotel reservations to airfare and one million and one fun things to do in the sun, sand, and surf world of the Caribbean. So check our list below for the best Caribbean travel agents in the business:

Since 1998, Caribbean travel agents have been sending vacationers to the islands. For the ultimate convenience, they offer you online booking for all kinds of vacation whether you want to book it yourself or have one of their Caribbean travel agents book for you. offers Last Minute Caribbean Vacation Deals, so if you’re looking to save up to 60% on your next vacation, book right here. All last minute plans are designed to fit your budget, including even round trip airfare, hotel, and taxes.

But if you’ve already picked out where you want to stay in the Caribbean, why not customize your own vacation to get the most complete package you can have? Their Caribbean travel agents will help you choose the packages offering the best deals, with round trip airfare, hotel, and taxes, as well as hotel transfers in specific islands.

Aha! Here’s one site that sounds interesting. Go nuts on Caribbean beaches by booking a vacation with any of’s Caribbean travel agents. Nothing quite compares to a beach vacation, don’t you agree? makes it easy for you to find a beach vacation rental. Not only that, if you’re an owner of a rental yourself, this provides the most efficient way for owners like you to market and rent your property. The site features over 2,000 vacation rentals, private beach homes, villas, condos and luxury beachfront homes for you to choose from.

Contact this Caribbean travel agent now to find and book your ideal vacation rental, all privately owned and located in various exciting beach destinations, spanning the United States, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, South Pacific, Europe – indeed, the whole world.

Eh voila! Parlez-vous Fran├žais? Non? Oh well, me neither. Ah, but no worries because the Caribbean travel agents at the speak perfectly good English. Choose from their range of vacation packages, from Martinique travel to Guadeloupe travel and several more destinations in the French side of the West Indies.

As the first online travel agency offering travels in and from the French West Indies, offers you the best hotel rates in Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante, the Saintes, Martinique, Saint BArts, and Saint Martins. In addition to their already special offers, this Caribbean travel agent also provides flexible and affordable ‘tailor-made’ travel service for travel enthusiasts.

This Caribbean travel agent makes it easier for you to choose which hotel to book by offering you their Most Booked Hotels and Lodgings, plus wallpapers showing you the best ocean view of the island.

You can also search for your accommodation by destination and property type, whether you want a hotel, vacation rental, villa, cottage, charming apartment, and bed and breakfasts inns.

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